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Vision Valve:
Automating the process of identifying, counting, and sorting particles from fluids

System automation that unlocks limitless potential

Automated particle detection and identification

Machine-learning and AI-based training

Create data models of target particles

Machine learning-aided characterization of particle targets 

AI identification of target particles

  • Particle characterization in minutes

  • Digital catalogue of sorted materials

Inflow Intelligence

Real Time Inflow Particle Counting

Know the exact contents in your waste stream

Inflow particle counting and concentration

  • No time delay between sample collection, processing and testing

  • Helps in maintaining purity standards of the inflow

Resource Reclamation

Reclaim Target Resources from Waste Streams

Efficiently reclaim valued particles from waste

Reclaim multiple target particles with high precision to ultimately concentrate the individual targets 

  • Filterless separation
        No clogging; lower capex and opex

  • Intelligent sorting of target particles from mixtures

  • Obtain high purity output

Fluid Intelligence

Real Time Reporting and Intelligence

Instant analysis of materials in effuent

Reporting and analysis of particle-based and soluble materials 

  • Real-time revenue from recovery ops

  • Predictive revenue and yield

Vision Valve versus conventional methods

Digital sorting  compared to
analog  separation methods

Vision Valve
Filtration Media
Particle separation
Particle separation by characteristics
Programmatic adjustments and adjustments
Multi-functional utility
OTA Performance upgrades
Portable and scalable