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You’ve heard it said one’s trash is another’s treasure.

At Phuc Labs, we take this statement literally. Most waste streams contain valuable resources, and our company was founded to sort and capture it all.

When waste has value, it transforms from an ecological problem to a financial opportunity. 

The concept of particle separation at industrial scale has become possible through advancements in machine learning and computer vision.  We digitally sort waste particle by particle using hydrobotics.

Hydrobotics uses machine learning and computer vision-powered smart valves to physically separate particle-based waste.

OUR technology

What Is Hydro-Robotics?

Phuc Labs intelligently sorts limitless variations of particle-based industrial waste streams using hydrobotics. Utilizing a fluid-based conveyor system, our computer vision application analyzes and rapidly sorts the waste stream particle by particle. Low-value mixed waste is sorted into separate containment units and packaged for sale.

Those in the recycling industry are familiar with how workers analyze single-stream recyclables on a conveyor, sorting plastics, glass, metals, and paper. The same principle applies, but hydrobotics utilizes fluid as the conveyor, and computer vision-powered smart valves to sort. The system operates much more efficiently than a human and rapidly trains itself as new resources are introduced to the waste stream.

Meet the team behind Phuc Labs

A team of veterans with a track record of value creation

  • Co-Founder of 4+ VC Funded Companies
  • Leads software team
  • Harvard University, BS Economics
Phuc Vinh Truong
Co-founder and CEO
  • 4x co-founder or founding team; 4 exits
  • EVP Mobile Havas; SVP Drizly
  • Babson MBA
Phuc Thien Truong
Co-founder and CCO
  • Kiva System (Amazon Robotics)
  • Desktop Metal (IPO)
  • MIT, PhD, Mech engineering
Rick Fontana
Chief Technology Officer
  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • Ion-exchange membrane development, electrochemical separations
  • Chemical Engineering, PhD, Louisiana State University 
Varada Palakkal
Lead Researcher and Development Engineer
  • Business builder
  • Sales and marketing acumen
  • Harvard University, BS Economics
Aaron Kessler
Head of Business Development
  • Oculus (Haptics), Offworld (Autonomous Mining), and General Dynamics (MBSE)
  • Civil engineering in the U.S. Air Force. M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from CSULA
Matt Schwab
Dir. of Engineering
  • 3D printing expert: designing, fabricating, & testing solutions with metal powder at high speed
  • Desktop Metal, engineer
  • UMass Amherst, BS, Mechanical Engineering
Midnight Zero
VP Mechanical Engineering

Backed by leading investors

Our investors are on the forefront of backing climate-focused companies to mitigate climate change.


Where you'll find us.

Our team is spread across the globe. Some of us prefer a desk, some a cafe table. You can get in touch through our 2 main offices, or just give us a call.

US office

100 Morrissey Blvd
Umass Boston
Boston MA 02125