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We digitally filter electronic waste streams particle by particle

E-waste contains valuable metal resources. Those resources are physically sorted and reclaimed, resulting in secondary revenue streams including critical minerals often used for clean energy storage.

When waste has value and can be reclaimed efficiently, sustainability becomes sustainable.

With the Inflation Reduction Act where $60B is dedicated to the clean energy supply chain, contact us to inquire how partners can benefit by working with us.

Our work in e-waste was just highlighted in The Wall Street Journal by Christopher Mims.
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Introducing Vision Valve

A hydrorobotics system that automates the process of identifying, separating, and reclaiming particles from water

Intelligently sorts limitless variations of target particles within e-waste streams. 

We Use Vision Valve to Reclaim Metals from e-waste

Battery recycling

Sort and  concentrate metals from EV batteries


Recover and sort precious metals from electronic waste  

Manufacturing Waste

Recover metals from electronic manufacturing processes


Our Videos

Copper sorting demo
Sorting copper to increase its purity. Feedstock from recycled EV batteries
Metal sorting demo
Copper and aluminum scrap metal sorting from lithium ion electric vehicle batteries
Testing a newer valve design
Prototype of one of our fast actuating valves
Video case study
Case study from our earlier municipal waste water pilot