Introducing Hydro-Robotics

We move water to reshape the world.
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Vision Valve

Our patent pending technology represents a DIGITAL WAY to vacuum things out of water without the need for traditional ANALOG methods like filters, membranes, magnets, and sludging.

Instead of matter and energy, we use AI and the 3rd force of nature - INFORMATION to reverse entropy and defy Robeson's limit.
our mission.

We believe magic is real and the world is full of muggles who don’t realize that technology and science is MAGIC.  Coding is spell casting and the quantum effect is the proof that all of us affect reality itself.  We are a magic studio with a mission to bring humanity into prosperity.

What we do.

Recycle Metals

Clean Pollution

Sustainable Mining

Save the World :)


Hạnh Phúc the World.

What if you can
vacuum things out of water?

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Clean the Planet

Our rivers and oceans are our most precious resource.

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There is more gold in your Phone than in gold ore.

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Oil Spills

Clean up man-made disasters.

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Recycle our precious resources

To create a green future, we must recycle our valuable metals and resources.

Our Team.

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Phuc represents the American Dream come true and has benefited from many opportunities in life. Now, he spends his time making trouble and doing his best to have fun :)
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VP of Engineering

Zero brings over 20 years of experience in the tech industry designing products for space flight, war, healthcare, automotive, food processing, laboratory research, and manufacturing. With a background in mechanical engineering, he has a deep understanding of taking ideas from concept to production and has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams to deliver innovative products that meet customer needs.

Zero is a jack of all trades, master of none. In his free time he enjoys getting a good workout trying to catch his chickens.
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Harry is our key architect for technology development, bringing a passion for both hardware and software engineering to the team.

He is responsible for the development, testing and integration of our technology with previous experience in both leadership and technical positions. When he's not developing solutions to our hardest problems, he enjoys running, reading, and photography.

Our Office.

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Mass Robotics

12 Channel St #202
Boston, MA 02210
In Boston's Seaport